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Amish Cows Red Barn

Amish Kids and Cows

Amish Red Barn

Aunt Faye's Barn Side

Aunt Fayes Market

Autumn Ride Family Wagon

Autumn Ride

Barnyard Covey

Barnyard Duet Rooster

Barnyard Duet Scarecrow

Bees and Cows

Big Pig with Fence

Bird Bath

Birds Bees and Cow

Blue Birds

Bring Home Milk Cans

Calf in Straw

Christmas Cardinals

Christmas Red Roof House


Country Scene

Cow and Pig Collage

Cow Calf Cat Snow

Cow Frame and Daisy Cows

Cow Frame

Cow Lying Down with Cat

Cows and Pheasants

Dairy Cow Cat and Calf

Dairy Cow Kittens

Flower Basket Border

Friendly Neighbors Winter

Garden Bunny and Robins

Girl with Doll Buggy and Cat

Golden Days 1

Golden Days 2

Golden Pumpkin Vegetables

Golden Pumpkin

Golf Scenes Putting

Golf Scenes Tee Off

Grand Champion Cow

Grandpa's farm

Grandpas Farm Kids Side

Gray and Buckskin Horses

Heartland Bucks


Holiday Memories

Lemon and Orange Borders

Lemon Sidewall

Little Bloomers

Little Girl and Watering Can

Moo're Friendly Neighbors

Old MacDonald's Farm Colt

Old MacDonald's Farm Goat

Patriotic Cows

Pheasants Fall Barn

Picken's Chickens

Postman's Gift 2

Postman's Gift

Rainbow Farm Dairy

Red Wheeled Buggy

Rooster, Hen and Chicks

Rooster, Hen on Fence


Self Serve with Cow

Self Serve


Sleigh and Huse White Night

Spilt Milk with Cat

Spilt Milk

Summer Rental

The Red Tractor

Turkey and Calf with Pumpkin

Two Snowy Herefords


Winter Scene

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