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Amish Snow Cows

Birdtown USA circle

Birdtown USA

Boxed Set Blue Shepherd

Boxed Set Blue

Brittany Puppies and Kittens

Candles and Poinsettias 1

Candles and Poinsettias 2

Candles and Roses

Cardinals and Chic in Holly

Chelsea Dogs Under Tree

Christmas Boots and Kitties

Christmas Cardinals

Christmas Dachshunds

Christmas Decorator Dachshunds

Christmas Delivery

Christmas Kitties Bengal

Christmas Memories

Christmas Puppies

Chrstmas Gift Kitties

Church at Sunset

Cookie Munchers

Country Christmas Cows with Sleigh

Country Christmas Cows with Tree

Curly Ribbons Catnip

Curly Ribbons Santa

Dream Team

Family Christmas with Molly

Fox in Snow

Golden Pups with Kittens

Goodwill Toward Cats

Gotcha Covered

Halloween Puppies

Holiday Surprise Lab Pup

Horse Farm 1 and 2

Horse Farm Horses

Horse farm sleighs

Joy Lab Pup

Kitty Christmas Party

Kitty Popcorn Party Teddy Bear

Kitty Popcorn Party

Kitty Tricks

Lab Pup Sleeping Christmas

Lab Pup with Popcorn String

Lab Pups First Christmas

Merry Christmas Beagles

Moonlight Sleigh Ride

Mountainburg Village

Naughty Dogs 2 Shepherd

Naughty Dogs Golden

Naughty Dogs Jack Russell

Naughty Dogs

Poinsettia Puppies Tin Small

Popcorn Bandits

Puppy Christmas Carol Yorkie

Puppy Christmas Carol

Puppy Train

Raiding the Sleigh

Red Roof House

Ribbon Party

Santa's Relief Team


Santas Bggars Country

Santas Country Xmas


Sleigh Bells Jingling with Dog

Sleigh Bells Jingling

Small Town Pleasures

Snow Mill

Snow Puppies Cocker

Snow Puppies Sheltie

Stocking Kittens 2 Calico

Stocking Kittens 2 Sylvester

Stocking Kittens Calico

Stocking Kittens Siamese

Stocking Kittens Sylvester

Stocking Lab Puppies

Turkey and 2 Hens in Snow

Two Calico Kittens Vertical

Two Kittens in Stocking

Wedding Watercolor

Welcome Home

White Christmas

White Kittens and Poinsettias

White Night with Deer

Winter Buck and Doe

Winter Surprise

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