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3 way Split mallards

Autumn Colors

Baby Big Cats

Baby Coons

Barnyard Covey

Beaver Dam Lake

Big Cats Montage

Big Horns

Black Berry Bears

Bluebirds Pink Dogwood

Bob Cat Kitten

Boyd's Blind

Brittanys Wraparound Design

Buck and Quail Snow Long

Buck and Turkey

Buck and Wood Ducks

Buck Laying in Snow


Bucks and Doe

Buckskin and Gray

Buffalo On the Range

Bunny Collection

Canadian Family Outing

Candles and Poinsettias

Cardinals and Chicadees Feeder

Cardinals and Chicadees

Christmas Bird Feeder

Coon and Weeds

Cornfield Pheasant

Cougar and Cubs


Doe and Two Fawns

Don't Get No Better

Eagle Heads

Elk Mountain


Evening Delight Deer and Ducks

Evening Memories

Fall Flight

Fall Screech Owls

Family Christmas with Molly

Forest Buck

Four Kings Bucks

Four of a Kind

Fox Family

Fox in Snow


Friendly Neighbors

Full House

Fur Feathers in Fall

Fur, Feathers, and Fall

Golden Puppy

Grizzlly in Stream


Heartland Bucks

Hereford and Calf

Hidden Covey

Hummingbirds and Petunias

Hunters Dream

Irish Setter and Pheasant

Late Start

Liver Brittany Pointing

Long Deer in Snow Red Trees


Mallards Landing

March Parade

Mare and Colt

Mississippi Magic

Mockingbird Serenade

Moose and Loon

Morning Lessons

Mountainburg Buck

Mourning Doves

North American Ducks

North Ridge Whitetails

October Morning

On the Rock Wolves

Paint Colt and Butterfly

Pheasant and Red Barn

Pheasant Round


Pheasants Fall Barn

Picken's Chickens

Polar Bears

Popcorn Mallards

Quail and Barn

Quail Family

Quail Plate

Rainbow Dairy Farm Barn Side

Red Alert

Red Tailed Hawk


Royal Flush

Ruffed Grouse

Screaming Eagle

Season of Beauty

Setter with Yellow Background

Shorthair Head Study

Smokin Tomoka

Some Things Never Change

Strutting Turkeys

Summer Rental

Swan Family

Swan Lake 1

Swan Lake 2

The Bluebirds

The Bluejays

The Challenger

The Dinosaurs

The Elk Hunter

The Last Persimmons

The Stone Bridge

Tiger Cubs and Toad

Tiger Head

Too Close for Comfort

True Companions

Turkey Round

Two Bighorns

Two Cougar Cubs

Two Tiger Cubs

Two Wolves


White Night Deer

White Wolf

Winter Surprise

Wolf Head

Wolf in Fall Woods

Wood Ducks Wraparound Design 1

Wood Ducks Wraparound Design 2

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