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A Dozen Dandies



All Fired Up Round

Basset Round


Beagle and Mitt 2

Beagle and Mitt

Beagle Head

Beagle Pup with Fence

Beginner's Luck


Black and Red Setters

Black Dachshund with Hummingbirds

Black Lab Montage 1

Black Lab Montage 2

Black Lab Montage 3

Black Lab Montage 4

Black Lab Pup Sleeping

Black Lab Pup with Decoy

black Lab Pup with Red Long Johns

Black Lab Red Leaves

Black Lab

Black Poodle

Boston Terrier

Box of Chocolates


Brittany and Pheasant in Snow

Brittany Head

Brittany on Point

Brittany Pup with Hat

Brittany Puppies and Kittens

Brittanys Wraparound Design

Brush Country Bobs

Catch of the Day

Caught in the Act

Chance Encounter

Chelsea and Puppies

Chesapeake Bay Retreiver

Chocolate Lab Head

Chocolate Lab Montage 1

Chocolate Lab Montage 2

Chocolate Lab Montage 3

Chocolate Lab Montage 4

Chocolate Lab Pup with Boot

Chocolate Lab Scene

Cocker and Puppies

Cocker Puppy and Boot

Cocker Spaniel

Cookie Munchers

Cornfield Pheasant


Days End Double


Field Day

Field Partner Brittanys

Fire Brigade 2

Fire Brigade 5

Firehouse Frolic 1

Fishing Buddies

Football Puppies Beagle

Football Puppies Golden

German Shepherd Montage 1

German Shepherd Montage 2

German Shepherd Montage 3

German Shorthair and Pheasants

Golden Moments

Golden Montage 1

Golden Montage 2

Golden Montage 3

Golden Montage 4

Golden Pup with Mallard Decoy

Golden Puppy

Golden Pups and Kittens

Golden Special Delivery

Golden with Decoys

Gordon Setters

Halloween Puppies

High Style

Holding Tight

Hot Chocolate


Irish Setter Pheasant Tree

Jack Russell with Soccer Ball

Lab Family

Lab Pup

Late Start Chesapeake

Leaping Chocolate Lab

Let the Chase Begin

Let's Play Football

Little Troopers

Locked On

Maltese Print

Maternity Leave

Merry Christmas Beagle Puppies

Miniature Pinscher

Mixed Doubles

Mommy's Basket of Fun

My Feather

My Sock

Next Generation 1006

Ol' Roy wrap around design

On Call



Pile of Gold 1

Pile of Gold

Please Don't Pick the Flowers

Pointer for Sam


Pom with Flowers



Popcorn Bassets

Possession of the Ball Bulldog

Possession of the Ball Lab

Possession of the Ball

Prime Time

Protect and Serve


Puppy Christmas Carol Yorkie

Puppy Christmas Carol

Red Dachshund Bedtime

Red Dachshund with Flowers

Red Dachshund


Schnauzer Lying Down

Scottie in Garden


Search and Rescue

Setter with Yellow Background

Shepherd Montage 4

Shepherd Pup with handcuffs

Shih Tzu

Shorthair Head Study

Shorthairs and pheasant horizontal

Sitting Pretty

Smokin' Tomoka

Snow Puppies Cocker

Snow Puppies Sheltie

Sports Puppies Border

Spring Training

Springer and Pheasant horizontal

Springer Spaniel

Squeaky Clean

Stocking Lab Puppies

The Brittanys

The Crime Scene

The Dalmatians


The Fall Classic

The Guardian shepherd

The Next Generation

The Outfielders

The Redecorators

The Rookies

The Two Goldens

The Weimaranner

The Whistler

The Yorkies

Three Alarm Fire

Two Brittany Puppies with Flowers

Two Yorkie Puppies


Which Way Did He Go?

Winter Flurry

Winter Music with Canada Geese

Yellow Lab Pup with Popcorn String

Yellow and Black Lab Pups Christmas

Yellow Lab 1

Yellow Lab 2

Yellow Lab 3

Yellow Lab 4

Yellow Lab 5

Yellow Lab 6

Yellow Lab 7

Yellow Lab 8

Yellow Lab


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